About PNP Corporation

Company Profile

PNP Corporation was incorporated in 1988 and is involved in marketing and trading of foundry raw materials since then. PNP Corporation holds the dealership of companies like Foseco India LTD. , Magna Ferrochem pvt. Ltd., Grindwell Norton Limited, Graphite india limited and saint gobain. From 2018, PNP Corporation has dived into manufacturing by installing a Pattern Division and has now established a Foundry of their own.

Quality policy

The standard of our castings is optimal and the quality experts take special care of them. To check the quality of our goods before we supply them, we employ strict quality controls. Our quality policies are strict while the product, as well as raw materials, are being checked so there is no compromise in the quality of our product.

Applications of all casting

Shell moulded castings are used in multiple industries. They have many applications. Shell moulded castings are made using the moulds and core of resin coated sand. The industries which have a requirement of high surface finish and precision in dimensions prefer these type of castings. Auto sector, Pump parts, compressor parts, hydraulic parts,etc. are among the few industries which have a requirement of these castings.


We never compromise in the quality of the Foundry Materials which we manufacture and supply like: Ferro Alloys, Metals, Minerals, Fluxes, Refractories and Casting Pattern and Dies. So, for that we also have the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


1. Fastest Turn-Around

We have established our reputation as not only a manufacturer of high-quality castings but also as the nation’s fastest turnaround.  And we don’t just say it – we prove it.

Our Process

We can speed up our lead times relative to other foundries by getting control of the entire operation.

Our value-added services are designed such that you place one order for one finished product.We take care of the rest.

2. Consistency

PNP Corporation is a domestic based foundry using domestic inputs, so we are able to maintain the utmost consistency of product per your specified requests. You can have faith in getting reliable quality product time after time, from our in-house laboratory to constant quality controls during the casting process. Our team takes pride in the work that we’re doing for you.

3. Communication

The key to a successful project is communication. We work closely with you to ensure that every detail meets your approval from the moment we begin discussing your design all the way through the process of building a pattern, casting, and finally pouring the finished product.